As a science writer, my instinct is to figure out why things are the way they are and how they got that way. And then tell everyone about it.

I’ve been diving since 1993, with, currently, about 750 logged dives. I started this site as Neptune’s Web several years ago to feed my passion for the mysteries of life under the sea and the conviction that the divers of the world would benefit if I pontificated about it.

OTHER THINGS TOO   I’ve been active with it – and, I confess, sometimes inactive as I’ve worked on client projects (custom magazines and newsletters, in-depth features and educational web content), written a book on the history of my hometown, Stow, Mass., for the town historical society and written a sort of book (a “flip book”) as a Field Guide to Vegetable Garden Pests for the Master Gardeners in Fort Bend County, just southwest of Houston (Michele and I lived in the Boston area until 2013, when we moved to Texas for family reasons).

(Note to potential clients:  Please email me at ralph@ralphfuller.com, or go to my portfolio website, ralphfuller.com.   

TOO MANY NEPTUNES…ENTER POSEIDON’S WEB   A little while back I realized there were too damned many Neptune things in the world, including a Neptune Web marketing agency in Boston that was getting Google hits ahead of me. I wanted to upgrade my platform anyway. In the process I’ve revamped my site as Poseidon’s Web, with the mission to “Explain the Reef!”

I’m a competent recreational diver, not a great technical diver. Forget caves and wrecks. I’m good at sea life and figuring out concepts beyond a critter’s simple shape, colors and dots on the dorsal fin. To me behavior and adaptation are the interesting parts.

I’m also a history guy – hence the Origins features – and aware that we living beings on Planet Earth started in the sea and gradually emerged to the magnificent brainy geniuses we are today. Provided we survive as a species, we should understand our living planet and probably do things to keep it healthy.

Hopefully, we all can help by understanding it.

Ralph Fuller, Poseidon’s Web Writer, Publisher and IT Chief


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